Property Development

The property development business unit is the core business of PT Pollux Properties Indonesia Tbk (“Pollux”, together with its subsidiary, “Group”) with an exclusive focus on residential and commercial property development. The Group is actively involved in the business of developing premium apartment projects, with the main objective of creating a home that reflects the philosophy of luxury and modern living. Pollux develops high-end apartment projects with exquisite style and luxurious quality. We are committed to develop iconic residential and commercial properties and aims to initiate more projects which will give the company a greater presence in the Indonesian property market as a developer and also as an investor.

Track Record

Delivering Results, Driving Value

We have a proven track record in delivering large scale high quality developments to the market place with great quality and value. Our market leading position and track record allows us to collaborate with the best partners and solution providers, ensuring long-term capital growth and sustainability in your investment.